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Welcome to the Inner Wheel Club of Banbury.

I feel honoured and privileged that I have the opportunity to be Club President again for a second time taking us into our 73rd year. We currently have 54 members with two ladies hoping to become members in the next few months.

During my year I hope to embrace friendship and service which has always been at the heart of Inner Wheel (active in 103 countries and which is one of the largest voluntary organisations for women in the world and has representation at the United Nations).  

My aim for the year is to have 4 F’s:   

- To have FUN for ourselves and others.

- To promote FRIENDSHIP, maintaining friendships within our club and building new friendships within the community.

- To FUNDRAISE for charities – I have chosen 2 charities this year; Katherine House Hospice, specifically supporting their ‘Care for a Cuppa’ concept and Alzheimers Society; remembering our families, friends, Banbury Inner Wheel members and Rotarians who are suffering or have suffered from Dementia.

 - FITNESS for mind and body.  Taking part in ‘Memory Walks’ and using our humour which can help us live longer. Did you know? - The very act of laughing has been described as a kind of internal aerobics, in which all the major systems of the body are exercised. Memory walks take part all over England, Wales and Northern Ireland. They can be a short or longer walk.

Our Inner wheel meetings are held on the second Friday of each month at 2.30pm September – May, and on the second Thursday in the month at 7pm June and July (inclusive).

We don’t have a club meeting in August. We usually start with a business meeting followed by a speaker and refreshments. If you would like to join us or require any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch using our contact page.

Welcome to the Inner Wheel Club of Banbury website

A message from our President for 2018/19

Carole Humphris


The focus of Inner Wheel is friendship and  personal service. Our aims are to:


~ promote true friendship

~ encourage the ideals of personal service

~ foster international understanding

Each Club selects its own charities and  channels of service, though raising money is  not the main object of Inner Wheel.